Programs and Services

Our ultimate goal is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, surrounded by supportive and empowering communities. Here you can read about our current and ongoing projects.


This International project is founded from the Swedish institute its goal is to empower children in Morocco and Sweden through creative illustrations made by professionals on the themes of democracy, and civil responsibility

#democracy #Kids #education

2. Läxhjälp

Zappy is an app for students who need some extra support with math and physics after school hours. Sometimes it can be difficult to get help if you're stuck on a problem and a teacher isn't available. With Zappy, it's not as difficult to get help because we have wonderful tutors who assist! To use the service, you need to download the ZAPPY APP and enter code 3030.

#Education #inclusion #Digitalization

3. Nord+ WIMTAC

Migrant women inclusion through art coaching (WIMTAC) A nordic project between 5 organizations from Sweden , Lithuania, Latvia leading to the development practical Guidebook for empowering migrant women inclusion into the labor market through Art based and creative coaching methods.

#Inclusion #employment #sustainability

4. Motiv-Action

Motiv-Action A collaboration of 10 Organizations with the leadership of IGITEGO. The purpose of the project is to improve practices used by digital employment services and specialists.

#Inclusion #Employment #Digitalization

5. Digibreaker

Digibreaker another Erasmus plus initiative led by IGITEGO aiming to create interactive digital tools fostering professional inclusion through innovative , sustainable and community based approaches

#Inclusion #Employment #Digitalization #Sustainability

6. Tillväxtverket

A project with the local authorities in Sweden aiming to develop sustainable integration methods through regular cultural based activities such as sports, talk cafes , gatherings

#Inclusion #Migration #Sustainability

7. Tia-Tillsammans 1-4

TIA- Tillsammans 1-4 - This project started in 2019 and it is financed by Länsstyrelsen Värmland to help and support Asylum seekers in Värmland region to learn Swedish language, Swedish society and different activities for their own well being. We have also worked together on project that consists on developing courses, workshops and other innovative methodologies to foster gender equality and social responsibility amongst migrants and other minority groups in the region

#Sports #Inclusion #Integration

8. Må Bra Tillsammans

Må bra Tillsammans: Different projects are financed by region Värmland to strengthen the migrants' health and develop a better health so that they can live quality and sustainable life in Värmland.

#Inclusion #Integration

9. The entrepreneurs Program

This mentoring program developed by IGITEGO leaders consists of assisting young entrepreneurs to implement their business ideas successfully the program involves 1 to 1 coachings and several courses on conception, business plan writing , company registrations, Tax and budgeting

#democracy #Kids #education