July 2021 “MOTIV-ACTION” meeting

Review on 27th July MOTIV-ACTION meeting

During the preliminary meeting on 30th June the concept of a three – steps pathway for finding new career opportunities was set with three subsequent modules: Module 1 (User Skills), Module 2 (Organizer Skills) and Module 3 (Planner Skills). Until 27th July meeting responsibilities for elaborating three course modules had been divided, so IGITEGO, ROMA CAPITALE and OAED will prepare content for Module 1, FBO, INSUP, FACEPA – for Module 2 , but EAEA, LKAAA and EPATV will be authors for Module 3.

Third transnational meeting in Bordeaux – France

Insup training organisation welcomed the MotivAction partnership on the 10th and 11th October, 2022 in their head offices in Bordeaux.

Together the partners have reviewed the IO1 developments, completed some activities and set objectives for the coming months especially the output IO2 : The exploitation guidelines for users and the exploitation guidelines for educators.